About the Author

When Jacob Keyes was eight years old he attended his first football camp at Notre Dame. He came home enchanted by everything about the campus and university – the history and architecture, the basilica and the grotto, the performing arts center and of course, The Fighting Irish football legacy. He also came home with an idea – to write a book all about Notre Dame football geared towards young people.

And so began The Little Gipper journey. After obtaining permission from Notre Dame for the project, Jake had to write every individual (or families of individuals) he wished to include in order to use pictures for the book. The release letters started to arrive with encouraging words from greats like Coach Lou Holtz, Joe Theismann, Tim Brown, and many others. He feels so blessed to have been given so much encouragement by so many to finish the project. He published the book in 2012, and the response has been amazing!

Jake lives in Spokane, WA with his two sisters, Grace and Tess, and his parents Mike and Theresa. He attends Cataldo Catholic School, and yes, he quarterbacks his football team. But Jacob is also a pianist, a chess player, and point guard on his basketball team. He loves football and the Fighting Irish, but don’t forget, he is just a kid who loves hanging out with his friends. His aspirations include playing football and basketball for his future high school, Gonzaga Prep, and then…well, he plans to earn his way to Notre Dame, of course!

Jacob never imagined for all this to happen, and he doesn’t want it to be all about him. The Little Gipper project has taken on a life of its own, inspiring family and friends to consider the fact that you are never too young to follow your passion. Jacob is busy planning the next phase of the project with his sisters. Stay tuned and get ready to catch Little Gipper Spirit! It’s coming your way Fall 2013.